Building a Humane Metaverse

Career Simulator

At-risk youth test-drive different potential professional futures and identify with avatars of inspirational professionals. 

Building Peace in VR

Users from different faith backgrounds can bond in VR by sharing virtual pilgrimage experiences. 

A 3D School in the Cloud

Students and teachers meet remotely and safely in shared 3D web-based classrooms.  

We build immersive worlds to provide essential services to the populations that most need it .

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need to digitize essential social services to make sure the healthcare and education needs of vulnerable populations are met. We are committed to building inspiring and transformational immersive experiences for underserved youth and isolated seniors.  

Taking Communities to the Moon and Back 

earth seen from 3D moon base
virtual embodiment 3D avatar

Together in VR

Our immersive experiences are social by design and can be shared by multiple users at the same time.

Available Across Devices

Our web-based 3D experiences can be accessed in a few clicks. No experience needed.  

Frugal Innovation

No need to purchase expensive bespoke hardware: our experiences run on desktop, smartphone, tablet and VR headset. 

Virtual Embodiment

We build 3D experiences that allow people to embody inspirational figures so they can be — in VR — the change they want to achieve in the real world. 

“Our mission is to build immersive worlds that heal, educate and elevate. We are committed to offering people mind-expanding experiences and taking them where no human has gone before.”

Dr. Alexandra Ivanovitch

CE0, Equality Lab
goddess Athena time travel through virtual reality

They are talking about our work #VRforgood

Get ready. We are about to take you places.

Building a Metaverse to Deliver Scalable Social Impact.

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